About Us

Banshee Cloud LLC was formed in 2012 by Rene Campos and Rodney Aspiras to provide individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide with access to what the company calls The Personal Cloud. The Personal Cloud is a computing ideal that boosts your productivity through on demand and predictive worldwide access to all the files, pictures, videos, and other data that make up your complete digital life. We integrate and develop systems to this end, emphasizing efficiency, productivity, security, and an intuitive user experience.

Banshee Cloud’s primary focus is to introduce the concept of The Personal Cloud to as many people, groups, and businesses as possible. While this may seem counter-intuitive, we feel the best way to do this is by starting with a pinpoint laser focus and then rapidly moving outward. This approach is reflected in all we do...from our marketing activities to the way we aim to touch the lives of every individual we meet with. In essence, our philosophy to working with you is just as scalable and personalized as our products and services.

We admit it’s a unique concept, both revolutionary and particularly disruptive to our marketplace and our competition. But we see it as the herald of a wonderful new era in worldwide personal communication. All made possible by the convergence of wonderful technologies that make The Personal Cloud a new reality.

In the end, our goal is using The Personal Cloud for your personal and professional empowerment. Perhaps in this manner, we can do our part to eliminate inefficiency and in some small way, help you change your world for the better.

About Our Mascot

A lot of people ask us about our mascot. We named our company and had The Banshee drawn up because of both the modern and ancient connotations of this astounding legend.

In our modern age, the banshee calls to mind images of a staggeringly loud screaming woman. Aside from the obvious rock and roll context, she also has strong supernatural powers and therefore implications of superhuman capabilities.
But going back to ancient Ireland, the banshee is a legendary herald of doom, frequently wailing at the death of a great and mighty figure. While many were horrified at the banshee’s yell, others saw her outcry as a sign to journey to the home of a dear friend and bid a final farewell. Many believed that banshees were deliverers of justice, keeping the souls of evildoers from ascending to heaven and ensuring that the pure of heart would receive their just reward of eternal fulfillment.

Both contexts serve to personify the purpose of our company. With great inefficiency rampant in many aspects of modern computing, The Banshee cries out as a harbinger of outright doom for the old and frustrating ways of working with data. Her wrath is from outrage at how people are forced to conform unto scandalous ways of using hardware and software. She cries out with a disrupting scream to fight for your freedom from the archaic ways of overblown IT costs and outdated infrastructure.

She uses her powers to simplify and unify the way ordinary people use technology. The Banshee battles for your right to choose what hardware you want to use and manage your data in a good and kindhearted way. She rewards the great houses of the industry for devoting their resources to creating powerful tools for the betterment of humanity, yet condemns all purveyors of technology who refuse to look out for the interest of their clientele.

The Banshee grants unto all who ask wonderful computing superpowers, true tools of personal and professional empowerment. She seeks to help you find fulfillment in the incredible tools of technology now available to everyone.

It’s our epic way of doing business and we hope that with The Banshee’s help, we can totally rock your world!